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Community Meeting Notice

Monday, April 26th, 2021 between 4-6PM EST

Westlake Solar wants to hear your opinion and answer any questions you may have about the project. We will present a short presentation about the project, open up the floor for questions and answers, and for any feedback you may have

You can join the Zoom meeting via your computer or phone. We encourage you to join via a computer or iPad as we will be sharing a presentation about the project:

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Westlake Solar is a responsible, environmentally-sound solar project located on private property near Westlake Corner in Franklin County. The 20MW project facilities will be located on 100 acres, with additional 120 acres of vegetative buffers, setbacks, pollinator plantings, protected wetlands, and other protected natural resources.

Currently, Westlake Solar is in the development stages. We are securing the necessary legal and environmental permits to safely and responsibly develop the project.


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Project Timeline


Economic Benefits

Westlake Solar will provide significant benefits to Franklin County, including ongoing revenue payments, and well-paying construction jobs which will provide training and experience for the local workforce.

  • Ongoing Revenue: The project will generate approximately $2.0 million in tax revenue over the next three decades, along with the increased real estate tax payments every year.

  • Jobs: The project will create approximately 74 well-paying construction jobs during the construction phase in 2022.


Project Map


Enviromental Impact

Westlake Solar is a safe and environmentally-sound solar project that will preserve vital natural resources and protect the rural nature of Franklin County. 

Westlake Solar will have a positive impact on the environment. There will be no pollution, no noise, and no traffic once the initial construction is complete. This project allows Franklin County to preserve the land for future development, while at the same time producing clean, affordable energy. The project will also not place any strain on public infrastructure including schools, roads, water, and sewer.

Buffers & Setbacks

Buffers and setbacks designed to minimize the visual impact of the solar farm are an important component of the Westlake Solar project. Features include a 100-foot setback from all property boundaries, a 30-foot setback along all wetlands,150-foot setback from the neighboring residential dwellings and a 200-foot setback from Betty's Creek. Landscaping and screening will be provided along the property boundaries and adjacent properties, where applicable. This will screen the project from view and maintain the existing character of the area.



The design of the Westlake Solar Project includes landscaping and buffers which will screen the project from view and further help maintain the existing character of the area. Our development process includes an evaluation of the existing vegetation, in conformance with the Franklin County land development code, and will pursue opportunities to establish ground cover with native species. In addition, pollinator mixes will be planed in parts of the project to increase biodiversity on site. 

Habitat Protection

The project is designed to protect existing wetlands, streams and other natural resources. The project will be carefully developed to preserve these wetlands and other natural resources protecting this valuable habitat for decades. 



In order to comply with state requirements, Westlake Solar will obtain an environmental permit from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). As part of the permit process, the impact on threatened and endangered species is evaluated and mitigation plans, if needed, are developed. Fencing that would affect wildlife will only be placed in areas where there are solar panels. 



Is solar safe?

Unequivocally yes. Solar panels are designed and tested to withstand a range of environmental conditions. They are also designed to prevent any metals or resources from leaking into the ground or water.

Will the solar project cause glare?

Thanks to the implemented setbacks and vegetative visual screening, there will not be a visible glare. 

Where will the project be located?

It will be located on a single parcels of private property near Westlake Corner, Virginia

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Energix is excited about becoming a partner with Franklin County. Energix U.S., owner and operator of Westlake Solar, is one of the leading utility-scale solar developers and long-term project owners in the Commonwealth. We leverage our financial strength and extensive industry experience to build sustainable, renewable energy projects that generate revenue for localities, deliver reliable electricity to customers, protect the environment, and provide financial security to our landowner partners.


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